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In the meantime, he assisted his brother Ghiyath in his contest with the Khwarazmian Empire for the lordship of Khorasan in Western Asia.

In 1175, Mu'izz captured Multan from the Hamid Ludi dynasty, which was a Pashtun but were alleged to be un-Islamic on the account of their association with Ismailite Shi'iate sect and also took Uch in 1175.

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Jihad has come to mean an offensive war to be waged by Muslims against all non-Muslims to convert them to Islam on the pain of death. This site brings you the history of the Islamic Jihad from a neutral and factual viewpoint.

Outlook of this website: This site is against all forms of fanaticism – religious and non-religious.

D.[1] and, last but not least, the accurate Chinese Annals, chronologically parallel to the Indian sources, prove that the greater part of the White Huns consisted of the Western Hunas.

From the northern Hsiung-nus originated the Asian Huns - or the Black Huns - who moved first to the Caucasus, later on to Europe and became a world power.In our site you may choose only from trusted contacts.That’s why men all over the world place confidence in our site.He reigned over a territory spanning over parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.Mu'izz ad-Din took the city of Ghazni in 1173 to avenge the death of his ancestor Muhammad ibn Suri at the hands of Mahmud of Ghazni and used it as a launching-pad for expansion into northern India.

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