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More than 6 million people have registered with Second Life to create characters that can respond to keyboard commands.

Some characters look like their real-life alter egos, while others can take on otherworldly appearances.

Some Internet bloggers dismissed the simulated attack as nothing more than digital fiction.

Gropers are now finding a way to target women through the fully immersive headsets of virtual reality.The VR community has just become a victim of the outrage brigade.” Several others, meanwhile, noted that Belamire writes romance novels and suggested she should “be above” the abuse, or claimed that she’s just seeking publicity.“She writes an adult lesbian romance novel and feels harassed by digital gloves,” mocks one commenter.But you can monitor the types of offenses and where they occurred in Second Life by accessing its community incident report chronicling the 25 most recent infractions and resulting penalties. 28, 2009, five of the 25 infractions concerned "indecency: broadly offensive content or conduct"; three, sexual harassment; and two, intolerance.Most penalties included warnings with four one-day suspensions and one three-day suspension.

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