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"Not that he doesn't still want to help his family members, but he would be generous to a fault if somebody needed something. Now he's trying to see if he can find something to do that he loves."That's the challenge Krause now faces as well. 29, the actor is officially on the hunt for his next project."I've been busy for 17 years, so I don't know what I want to do next," he says.Glamour: Amy shared some sweet memories of Ed on set. One scene we were doing—he was down the table from me and it was just his coverage, so I think the girls were able to leave and I was just reading to him.She said he always joked when he didn't want to do a take again. It was kind of complicated, so we go back and forth with dialogue a few times.

She is a very bright woman, and I always thought the guys she was going out with weren’t smart enough for her…"Those two felt strongly about the project and about me doing it, and I look back and I thank them both and [creator] Jason Katims.It's been a wonderful experience, it really has been," he says.Kelly Bishop: Without Ed…you see, if you had asked me last year, I would have had a different answer.Now if we ever get a movie, it's going to have to weigh heavily on my character and depending on how close to his death that it takes place.

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and I say, ‘You know, I’ve been watching this show I love called , and there’s this guy…’ and she says, ‘I know, Peter Krause.’ And I said, ‘I think you two would make the greatest couple.’ She said, ‘That’s all very nice.

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