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Debt consolidation is nothing more than a con because you think you're starting with a clean slate.But the truth is the debt is still there, as are the habits that caused it—you just moved it!If you have enough cash left over after subtracting expenses from income, consolidation will be presented along with other options. How do you know if a debt management plan will work in your favor?When a counselor is knowledgeable and compassionate, these sessions can be enlightening and motivating. If he or she acts bored, judgmental or pushy, request a different counselor. First, the bulk of your balances should be in unsecured debts, such as credit and charge cards, personal loans and, sometimes, collection accounts.The calculators range from assessing how much down payment you need for a house based on different home loan interest rates, to the amount of time it takes to pay off a credit card when paying only the minimum balance each month.Some nonprofit debt consolidation companies are also approved by the government to provide pre-bankruptcy counseling and post-bankruptcy credit counseling courses.

Instead, your credit counselor works with your creditors to consolidate your debt into one convenient monthly payment.The term “debt consolidation company” is a bit of a misnomer, because rarely does a company solely provide consolidation services, or if they do they often do it under a different name, such as a credit counseling agency.So it’s important to understand what kinds of institutions provide debt consolidation services so you can find the right provider to work with to eliminate your debt.You can also request a free evaluation by filling out our online application.Most debt consolidation companies that you find online when you just type “debt consolidation companies” into your favorite search engine are focused on helping people consolidate credit cards and other types of unsecured debts.

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In many cases, the amount you pay every month will be less than if you paid to each bill separately.

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