Bibtex bibliography not updating

This is a bug for some users where Citations can't recognize the URL of the front document.

Normally, when this happens, you can switch off Citations in the Papers preferences, and then switch it on again, to restore its functionality.

This is often more convenient that embedding them at the end of every document you write.

The name Mendeley is derived from a combination of Dmitiri Ivanovich Mendelyev, who developed the periodic table of elements, and Gregor Mendel, often called the "father of modern genetics".

) Of course, you can split your bibliographies over as many files as you wish, so you could have a file of references concerning the (GUT), which tries to bridge the gap between the inconsistencies of these two theories, then you can easily link both to your current document, as well another file of references about GUT, for example.

It's up to you how you store your references, of course.

Papers features Citations, a powerful new way of adding citations to many different documents and in different applications.

Using Citations is easy, just watch our detailed tutorial to find out more about this new feature.

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I would like to then force sync the bibtex-collection link so I can use the new reference.

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