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“What is happening is much more important than what we call it,” Ms Quast said.

Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse who is Head of Global Advocacy and Partnerships at the London-based anti-FGM nonprofit FORWARD, said that activists often use “cutting” instead of “mutilation” because when they go into communities where it takes place, especially in certain African nations, the term actually translates to “cutting” in local languages.

Greater Manchester Police, Merseyside Police and City of London Police joined forces with investigators for the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) to carry out the arrests.

Similar combined raids are planned for other parts of the country, but specific locations cannot be disclosed at this stage.

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She said it is “very clear that the focus of interventions should be on affected communities to move them to a position where they recognise these facts and change the social norms” that contribute to continuing the harmful practice on women and girls.

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Many of these outlets refer to the editor’s decision to use “genital cutting” in its place as taking away from the severity of the crime.

Julia Lalla-Maharajh, CEO and Founder of the Orchid Project, said that the use of the term “cutting” has contributed, in part, to over 8,000 separate communities making the decision “to stop cutting their daughters.“ Many news outlets also cite the UN Population Fund’s use of the term “mutilation,” but that is misleading.

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Ms Dugger wrote that she stopped using the term “female genital mutilation” in the newspaper’s stories because it is “culturally loaded.” “There’s a gulf between the Western (and some African) advocates who campaign against the practice and the people who follow the rite, and I felt the [term “mutilation”] widened that chasm,” she wrote.

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