Saints row the third validating

There's no "push" notification that money's available, so you might have taken money out twice 5 minutes apart, even though it was really 15 minutes of clock time between times you actually got paid. I don't know if my sample running time was too small, or if the game rapidly transitions between times of day at certain points, but I took a save just after the climax of Act 1 and let it run for about 40 minutes, and the sun stayed in the same spot.A 15 minute test of my cleared save yielded similar results.

Aboard his private plane, Phillipe Loren reveals himself; it transpires that the Saints robbed a bank belonging to The Syndicate, and Loren, along with his personal assistants Viola and Kiki De Wynter; demand they turn over 66% of their assets in return for their lives.

Steelport is the Syndicate's hub city, and the Saints must take Steelport from them.

To extend their reach they have divided their control of the city through three gangs.

The bond market bull also seemed to last a lifetime and that’s gone south now, too.

Poor Trump’s mammoth ego has led him by the snout into a deadfall trap.

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