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As a consequence Sardinia has been an interesting studyground for scientists from all over the world, not in the last place archaeologists.

Although Sardinia is geologically older than the peninsula of Italy, it has been populated by mankind later than the mainland.

From Solfatara North Trailhead there is no creek for three miles as the trail follows a straight path within a transmission line cut: “no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads…” I had seen the trailhead while driving by, and glancing up the cut I wondered why anyone would want to hike under those transmission lines when surrounded by so many other pristine options. The trail provides near access to the beautiful Lake of the Woods. Unfortunately, the blaze was huge and I wasn’t sure how to “look quickly down” and “take the chest”.

My first instinct was to treat the arrowhead blaze as a pointer indicating a precise treasure location either somewhere near its tip or some location distant to the tip that could be found by extending the axis of the arrowhead.

The past has been much determined by the fact that Sardinia is an island.

It is not easy to write a short history of Sardinia.

Nonetheless I will try to summarize the main events. Sondaar 1992, Pleistocene Humans in the island environment of Sardinia in: Sardinia in the Mediterranean: A footprint in the sea, ed.

Rockhounding Tip: Knowing state rocks, gemstones, minerals, fossils, and dinosaurs often can be very useful information for rockhounders.

Ordinarily, states with significant mineral deposits, valuable gemstones, fossils, or unusual or significant rock occurrences will designate an official state mineral, rock/stone, gemstone, fossil, or dinosaur to promote interest in the state’s natural resources, history, tourism, etc.

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