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Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP are no longer supported by the Help Desk. If we are unable to resolve your Windows 9x/2000/XP issue, you may be able to find help in Microsoft's Knowledge Base.These products are no longer actively supported by Microsoft.Most of the problems occur with those computers that got upgraded from Windows XP or Windows 7 to Windows 8.Either the driver is out of date or the adapter gets disabled or something odd like that. If you’re getting that annoying limited connectivity message in your task bar in Windows 8, it’s really hard to tell what the problem is.

All the Hello all, This is probably a stupid question but how do I re-install IE without an internet connection.If your PC is still running Windows 7, you may be wondering if you should pull the trigger and install Windows 10.After all, it's a free upgrade until a year from now.I’m only going to mention a few of the major reasons here, but scroll down to the Other Troubleshooting Tips section if none of these fix your problem.The first thing you can try is to run a couple of the network troubleshooters built into Windows 8.

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I never encountered too many wireless problems in Windows 7, but have run into several with Windows 8.

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